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In Review: Jomers Suits

Jomers Half Canvas Italian Wool Suits – $250.00

Note: The suit seen in this post is a 40R “Ardsley” in Italian Hopsack Wool. While most sizes of their suits are sold out at post time, there are a few sizes left depending on what color and fabric you’re going for. 

Italian wool fabrics such as Vitale Barberis Canonico Super 110s (as shown here). Breathable Bemberg linings. Details like a curved “barchetta” breast pocket and d-ring stitching around the flap pockets. Real horn buttons. And perhaps most importantly, a true half canvas interior construction. All for just two hundred and fifty bucks, which is $50 less than what a fused J. Crew Factory Thompson suit usually goes for.

So what’s the catch?

Good luck getting your hands on one of these things.

In Review: Jomers Suits |

And it’s half-canvas? Good luck finding that on another $250 suit.

Jomers is a small, New York based company that is known for putting a new batch of pants, or polos, or suits up for sale, and then almost immediately selling out. They just don’t make their products in mass quantities, and thanks to their internet fans, when they launch something? It’s gone almost immediately. And these suits (imported, made in China) are no different.

They are, in essence, Suitsupply levels of quality but for a staggeringly inexpensive price. Yet there does seem to be a few differences between these suits and Suitsupply.

In Review: Jomers Suits |

Size shown is a 40R on 5’10” 190. A bit tight everywhere on an athletic frame.
(Especially the pants, more on that below.)

First and almost immediately noticeable is the packaging. Outbound shipping is free (you’re on the hook for returns) but your suit doesn’t arrive in some glossy roomy box. The suit isn’t smashed into the box, but it’s a standard box and the suit I tried on arrived pretty wrinkled. You’re gonna need a steamer and a steady hand to get the creases out when it shows up. Or, head to a dry-cleaner and insist that they lightly PRESS the suit. Don’t have them clean it. Cleaning is a much harsher process.

In Review: Jomers Suits |

Non functioning sleeve buttons make for much easier, and cheaper, tailoring.

Second, the sleeve cuff buttons are non functioning. That’s a major win for those of us who like to have the sleeve length on our suits tailored. Suitsupply continues to insist on using functioning sleeve cuff buttons, often implying that it’s a hallmark of quality (yet Target’s new Goodfellow line uses functioning sleeve buttons). But in reality, functioning sleeve cuff buttons are a pain in the rear to tailor.

Lapels are a timeless 3.25″ wide. Not bulbous & fat, and not J. Crew slim either. Button stance is on the high-ish side of standard, which is about where (if not identical) to where Suitsupply’s Napoli button stance sits.

In Review: Jomers Suits |

3.25″ Lapels, and a curved, boat-style pocket.

Speaking of the Napoli, in terms of overall fit, these new Jomers suits are extremely close to a Napoli. (Here’s the dimensions for the Jomers suits, and head here for the Napoli numbers… remember, all manufacturing isn’t laser precise. Garment to garment there will be some minor differences even if the size is the same.) The “drop” is a standard 6-inch drop, meaning a 40R jacket comes with a 34 waist trouser. A tailor can adjust the waist (within reason) and the legs will have to be hemmed.

The jackets are reasonably trim without being overly tight, and the pants are a true slim. If you’re no stranger to the squat rack and box jumps, you might find the legs and/or the seat of these things to be comically tight. Like, cutting a fart could rip a seam. Those who identify their lower halves as more thickums than sticks are gonna have to look elsewhere (like the Spier & Mackay contemporary fit). Thighs aside, I did have a little room in the waist, as will most, but that’s an easy (and expected) tailoring job. Meanwhile, another super-nice detail worth mentioning is the line of soft and grippy rubber that lines the interior of the waist. Why is it there? It helps keep your shirt tucked in.

In Review: Jomers Suits |

The pants are quite… slim. So, if you’re a “handsome man with athletic thighs,”
then you might wanna look elsewhere.

They really did think of just about everything on these suits. And the price is fantastic. Sure, some builds might take issue with a few of the dimensions, but most will already know that’s a possibility if they’ve tried on the Napoli trousers from Suitsupply. If you’re of a relatively average to slim body type, it’s gonna be hard, if not impossible, to beat the value to quality ratio on these suits.

It’s just a matter of getting to the front of the line for the next time they drop. Getting on an email list or following them on twitter might not be a bad idea. And… you best have a fast internet connection and be lightning quick with your credit card. They can go that fast.

In Review: Jomers Suits |

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