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Inexpensive Fall Boots, Italian Wool Sportcoats, & More – The Thurs. Men’s Sales Handful

Sales that deserve some attention heading into the weekend or a bit earlier. Might not be some massive once a year event, but still worth a look. Those are what make up these handfuls. Five of the better sales, one for each finger, are below, plus bonus sales if need be. Included are a few picks worth pointing out. 


Bonobos: 25% off $175+ w/ OHSNAP

The Pick: Unconstructed Italian Wool Blazer – $300 ($400) 

A high threshold for sure. And yes, Bonobos is known more for their pants than their sportcoats. But their unconstructed Italian wool sportcoats are unique in the mens style world. Totally unconstructed. Not a sniff of lining in the back (just the sleeves) and a loose hopsack weave only increases the airflow. Lots of colors and two fit profiles to choose from. Code ends today, 9/21.


Club Monaco: Extra 30% off sale items w/ FALL30

Club Monaco’s sale section is stacked right now. Lots of items. It’s the sizing that’s the problem. Sizes are pretty scattered across it all, so, this is more of a poke and hope situation. Code FALL30 runs clear through October 1st.


Massdrop: Made in Scotland Wool Throws – $54.99 ($95)

That’s not a bad price, at all, for a Scottish made wool throw. Time to upgrade from that crappy discount polyester fleece blanket you’ve got smashed in the closet. Throw this on the back of a couch and your date might just grab it to keep them warm, and they might invite you under the blanket too. 70 inches long and 56 inches wide. Final sale since it’s Massdrop.


J. Crew: 2 Unconstructed Summerweight Blazers are on Sale

The Pick: Unstructured Ludlow cotton-linen blazer in Micro Stripe or Blue Houndstooth – $134.99 ($168)

And here we are, on technically the last day of summer, and finally these things get some sort of cut. They really are a brilliant blazer. Barely-there construction. Portuguese cotton/linen fabric. Easy to wear just about anywhere when it’s warm (or, even when it starts to cool off with jeans.) Won best in show over here. Might be worth hanging out for the next extra 30% off sale items code? As long as sizes last?


DSW: $10 off $25, $20 off $99, $40 off $199 w/ SEPTEMBER2017

DSW Boots & Shoes

DSW’s tiered deal is back. Some deals to be had for sure if you like DSW’s house brand lines. Aston Grey has always been a nice budget brand. You can check out a full review of those chukkas right here. Should do well now that the weather is turning cooler.


Also worth a mention:

  • Brooks Brothers: Their 30% off select sportcoats, suits, & more wardrobe event is still going on.
  • Ledbury: They’re running a sale called “Shirtember.” Select items only.
  • J. Crew Factory: They’ve dropped some new fall-specific items and are offering 40% off the “valued at” price. Usually prices will dip a bit lower than that.

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