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Most Wanted Affordable Style – February 2017

Consider these to be power rankings. Whether you’re looking for gift ideas or a quick upgrade for yourself, expect these to come around about once a month. You’ll find new arrivals and old favorites, especially good deals, or maybe something pricey to keep an eye on for future sales. The potential best of the best, which you may or may not have seen already. Got a tip on something that deserves to end up in the monthly Most Wanted? Send those in here.


Lands’ End Tailored Fit Linen Blazer – $160.30 when 30% off ($229)

Lands' End Tailored Fit Linen Blazer

“Mostly sunny with a 100% chance of… handsome” ??  OH, YOU. 100% linen, appears to have just a butterfly lining for the back, and comes in their tailored fit. Is it too early to be wearing an all linen sportcoat? Not with a pattern like that. Should do just fine with jeans now, then off white or light grey chinos or trousers once the sun finally comes back out from behind the clouds. Should drop even further with a 40% off, or the rare 50% off one item code.


New Republic by Mark McNairy Suede Chelseas – $99

New Republic by Mark McNairy Suede Chelseas

There musta been a glut of crepe on the market, because everyone and their great aunt is making boots with crepe soles this year. Thanks to the many fellas who sent in style tips about this new line from Mark McNairy’s “New Republic” line. Also available in a light “sand” shade. Got a pair on the way for an in-person. So, standby.


Ray Ban “Signet” 58mm Sunglasses – $170

(slightly nsfw if volume is too loud)

First I was all… and then I saw the price and I was all…

Could use a sale please. Thanks. (photo credit



A Basic, Navy Mac: Gap – $76.80 w/ HAPPY ($128) | Suitsupply – $499

GAP & Suitsupply Mac Jackets

Well those are two slightly different prices. Both appear to be unconstructed and unlined, so they should breathe and move great. The GAP option is a 70% cotton / 30% nylon blend, which worked out pretty great the last time they made one in that kind of fabric. Meanwhile, the Suitsupply option, that’s an Italian wool blend. So it should be a super-lightweight, extra breathable topcoat that’s made for warmer-than-winter temperatures. Both ship and return for free.


J.C.F. Unconstructed Flex Chino Blazer – $117.50 (And one in navy too? Please? Maybe?)

J.C.F. Unconstructed Flex Chino Blazer

Currently only available in the khaki color shown above. But if they made this thing in navy? Or maybe in a similar color to big brother J. Crew’s popular “Caspian Blue” Italian cotton blazers? Then we’d really be in business. Because the last time they did something similar… it was dead on perfect. Thompson fit. Welt pocket at the chest and lower patch pockets = the preferred pocket setup for a casual sportcoat for plenty.


BONUS: Gustin’s Made in the USA Horween Weekender – $549

Gustin's Made in the USA Horween Weekender

It’s back. Half a grand is a crap-ton of money. But made in the USA from Horween’s burgundy chromexcel ? Good gracious. Almost 2800 cubic inches and sized so it meets airline carry on specs.

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