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Slim Work Bags, Italian Made Shoes, & More – The Thurs. Sales Handful

Sales that deserve some attention heading into the weekend or a bit earlier. Might not be some massive once a year event, but still worth a look. Those are what make up these handfuls. Five of the better sales, one for each finger, are below, plus bonus sales if need be. Included are a few picks worth pointing out. 


EXPRESS: 40% off (some exclusions apply)


Anybody still got a gift card from the holidays laying about? Is it for Express? Lucky you if it is. 40% off, just about site wide, seems to be about as good as it gets for EXPRESS unless it’s Black Friday or Cyber Monday. And while some of their stuff can lean a little too young/trendy for some, there’s still plenty of logo-free, well cut basics available. That twill sportcoat? Could be a less-fortunate-man’s alternative to the J. Crew Italian cotton number. Express usually fully lines their jackets though, so, know that ahead of time. Meanwhile, many like their polos for how comfortable/stretchy they are. They don’t seem to spare the elastane with their signature line of polos.


Jack Spade: Extra 25% off Sale Items w/ SUPER

Jack Spade

Watch out for final sale items. No returns or exchanges on that stuff. Meanwhile, that super slim bag with the just-modern-enough stripe got a two star review from one customer. Why? The navy/wine option (not shown above, obviously) comes with a black nylon strap, which is shown pretty clearly in the online pics. The reviewer thought it clashed. Otherwise the reviewer really liked it. Meanwhile, those images above? Here on this site? Not to scale. Sorry.


J. Crew: 20% off select shirts/pants w/ MUSTHAVES + New Arrivals

J. Crew

Note that this current offer (which only applies to a very small selection of tops and pants) ends today, so, expect J. Crew to launch their President’s Day weekend offer tomorrow. Fingers are crossed that whatever offer they run over the long (for some) weekend applies to some of their new arrivals… like that new, lightweight/unconstructed stretch cotton blazer.


Huckberry: Astorflex is making a lace-up boot now?

Astorflex Lace-up Boot

Again… everyone seems to be making boots with crepe soles this year. And before you dive into the crepe sole boot thing, know that crepe soles can: A. Get dirty, real quick, and B. Seem to slide around for some on wet surfaces. That said, if you find a pair of good quality crepe sole boots? It’s the closest thing you’ll find to wearing basketball shoes. Just enough squish. Astorflex knows what they’re doing when it comes to suede and crepe. Their desert boots are nothing short of fantastic. Made in Italy, and they keep sustainable/environmentally friendly manufacturing processes in mind. And now they’re doing a lace-up boot. Currently on sale at Huckberry for just under $160.


Barneys Warhouse: Extra 25% off (WARNING FINAL SALE)

Barneys Warhouse

All Made in Italy.

Y’know what’s a terrible idea? Buying final sale shoes over the internet. You just. don’t. know. But with this extra 25% off sale, some seriously good looking, made in Italy, Barney’s in-house brand shoes are dropping into the affordable category. Don’t say I didn’t warn you though. You might end up with a pair of ill fitting, terrible for your feet, great looking shoes that you can’t wear. So, you better be good at eBay if you order.

Also worth a mention:

  • L.L. Bean: 25% off on $100+w/ SAVE25 (exclusions apply of course)
  • J. Crew Factory: 50% off the “valued at” prices with no exclusions. Picks here.
  • Lands’ End: 30% off w/ FRIEND and pin 6587
  • Allen Edmonds: $50 off (dollars, not percent, so don’t get crazy excited) select dainite sole models.

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