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Style Scenario: The 1st Day it doesn’t feel like Winter (nothing over $100 edition)

What are you going to wear? Sometimes it’s good to look at a few suggestions then add your own tweaks and ideas. That’s what these are for. So we’re almost to March. Some of you are starting to see signs of spring. Some of you… aren’t quite there yet. Eventually we’ll all get to that point where winter is starting to fade, but it feels colder than it looks. Mornings can be cold, but if the sun comes out, it might be warm in the afternoon on the way home. Here’s one way to add in some lighter weights and colors once that (finally) happens. (Top Photo Credit)


not quite spring 2017 style scenario raw

The Sweater: J. Crew SLIM Merino Cardigan – $89.50. Gets a lot of run on this website and for good reason. Slimmer than a standard, boxy cardigan, made from strong yet lightweight and not-itchy merino wool, and the kind of thing that can fill in for a sportcoat when a sportcoat might feel like too much.

The Shirt: Jackthreads Light Grey Chambray Button Down – $17.98 FINAL ($39). White might be too stark/preppy here. So the answer? A light grey chambray. This one is cheap. It’s also final sale.

The Sunglasses: UNIQLO Combination Sunglasses – $14.90. Inexpensive but not boring or cheesy. Looks and feels more expensive than they actually are. More info over here.

The Jacket: GAP Twill Mac – $76.80 w/ TODAY ($128). The “surplus” shade of green is a nice alternative to the traditional khaki, and the tail is long enough to cover a suit or sportcoat.

The Wallet: FormFunctionForm Archslim – $75.20 w/ FFFixUp ($94). Pretty much in love with this thing. Made in the USA. Tons of leather options to pick from. Perfect for the types who come up with ideas (whether for fun or because it’s their job) and need to write things down… often. More info here. Currently 20% off since they’re moving into a new brick and mortar location.

The Belt: GAP Basic Leather Belt in Dark Brown – $23.97 w/ TODAY ($39.95). As good as it gets for a casual, but not clunky, belt that can go on sale from time to time. And that time, happens to be today. 40% off.

The Shoes: Clarks Bushacre 2 in Brown Suede – $60ish. A total classic that’s comfortable, versatile, and in brown suede that goes with just about any smart casual outfit you can think of.

The Pants: Goodthreads 5-pocket Chino in Grey – $30. First, Bezos came for your OCBDS. Now he’s coming for your chinos.

The Briefcase: J. Crew Harwick Briefcase – $98. Dead simple to the point of perhaps drifting into mid 90s norm core, but the leather handles are a nice touch and the thing is awfully well reviewed. Also goes on sale every so often.

The Watch: Timex Weekender 40mm Vintage Style Watch – $49.90. Has a vintage look to it that doesn’t try too hard. 40mm in diameter should be wearable by most.

The Umbrella: Totes “Gentleman’s” Wood Handle Umbrella – $20. Again, this thing will stop getting mentioned when a better alternative for twenty bucks shows up. Mrs. Dappered and I bought a pair of these things the day before our wedding because there was a chance of rain that next day. That was almost nine years ago, and our pair of umbrellas are still very much in use. And no, it didn’t rain.

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