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The Dappered Space: From Style Scenario to Styled Dining Space

The Dappered Space is a series designed to help guys apply the sense of personal style they’ve developed to the space they inhabit. Watch for articles on furniture and decor sales & picks, advice on how to style a room or work space, and tackling creating a space that reflects your own (and perhaps a significant other’s) personal tastes. We’ll suggest items that can be sourced online, but always keep in mind that deals can be found at consignment and thrift stores, local stores with floor models, discount stores, and even yard sales. 

It’s time once again to tap your own personal sense of style to create a stylized look for a room. Since we don’t know each other, thus I don’t know your exact personal style, I’m relying on a recent Style Scenario for guidance, since if you frequent this site you likely appreciate the style sensibilities touted here. We’re utilizing the colors and textures of this recent style scenario to put together a styled dining space.

Whether you have a formal dining room, or your dining area flows into the rest of your home, choosing the right furniture and decor can really set the space apart and make it a pleasure to utilize. Pairing light and dark creates contrast, and bringing in natural elements is certainly trendy right now, but never really goes out of style.

The Table: Simple Living Helena Dining Table – $249.99. Might not be for everyone with that bright white base, but surrounded by the right pieces, this table can be a stand out. Sold by Target, but no reviews as of yet. Does go on sale often during furniture events. It’s also sold at a higher price over at Overstock, where it has great reviews. If the white base is too eclectic for your taste, here’s something more subdued.

The Chairs: Coaster Home Furnishings Side Chair (set of 2) – $98. Bringing in some warmth now with the walnut hue of the wood on these chairs, but the black faux leather seat matches the coolness of the table. Stylistically they’re a bit different from the table, but different styles can work together.

The Rug: Jute Simple Border Blue Area Rug (8′ x 10′) – $201.06. Not necessary, but a rug will create a border around your dining table, and add color. I’d recommend going larger, so dining chairs aren’t falling off the edge of the rug when pulled out. Another option you might consider are carpet tiles, which Flor seems to have the most stylish options available of. The great thing about carpet tiles is if one gets stained, you can remove it to give it a really good washing, or replace it with a new one if you just can’t get the stain out.

The Centerpiece: Hammered Edge Pure Copper Circular Serving Party Tray – $44.95. Another nonessential item, but placing something decorative in the middle of your dining table brings an artistic touch to an otherwise plain tabletop. A centerpiece can be as simple as a tray with some small potted plants or succulents placed on top. (Be sure to protect your tabletop with a mat, or by sticking some felt furniture sliders underneath to create a buffer.) If you want to go big, this polyresin “moose antler” bowl would certainly make a statement.

The Placemats: Threshold Silver Kitchen Textiles Placemat – $4.99 ($20 for a set of 4). An easy way to add more texture and pattern to your table. These placemats do just that. If you want something more subdued and easy to care for, I’m a fan of the Bistro Woven Square Placemats from Bed Bath & Beyond. Super cheap and easy to clean.

The Sideboard: Vilas Tobacco-finished 4-door Dining Buffet – $529.99. If you have the space, a sideboard, buffet, or credenza can provide extra storage, extra counter space for food, and an additional spot for some decor. This particular buffet is fairly large, but there are plenty of options on Overstock in a variety of sizes.

The Wine Rack: Sorbus Wall-Mounted 9-Bottle Wine Rack – $24.99. If you’re a wine connoisseur, or want to have wine on hand for guests, this rack doubles as wall decor and is perfectly suited to a dining area. Complement it with a couple other items like a small mirror and picture/work of art to create a grouping on the wall.

Sarah is a long time member of the Dappered team, typically working behind the scenes editing posts, taking some photos, and keeping the books in good standing. Occasionally she’ll come out from behind the curtain to offer her two cents.

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