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The Playlist – May 2017

Music is a little like food and clothes. These are areas where it’s probably worthwhile for one to explore & expand their tastes. The Playlist is assembled each month by Dappered’s very own music correspondent, Tim Johnstone. Tim is a former Virgin Records Label Rep & current award winning Program Director at KRVB, which was awarded the FMQB AAA station of the year markets 50+. You can also catch his work on Fridays when he assembles the Weekend Dossier. Got a Spotify account? You’ll find a link to this month’s playlist at the end of the post.


Phoenix – “J Boy”

This sounds like Spring to me. It’s bright and airy and it is strangely present, right there with you. It keeps things light with a taste of good things to come. Musically, it lands somewhere between Scritti Politti and M83 and I’m good with that.


Rise Against – “The Violence”

Yes to all of this. All of it. First rate rock with a stupid-huge fist-in-the-air quotient. What are you doing reading this? Turn it up.


Mark Lanegan – “Beehive”

I maintain that Mark Lanegan is one of the most under-appreciated voices in Rock. Lanegan and his band Screaming Trees were overshadowed by their Seattle contemporaries when the scene blew up. Lanegan’s voice seemed to resonate in so many ways. His solo work has never settled down in any particular place. This new album sounds like something 4AD records would have released alongside This Mortal Coil or early Modern English. This is a high compliment.


Earl St. Clair – “Ain’t Got It Like That”

This invites day-drinking. Because it feels like an outdoor party soundtrack favorite and once the chorus kicks in, I’m ready for flip-flops, shorts and a beer.


The National – “The System Only Dreams In Total Darkness”

Welcome back gentlemen. Thanks for this. It’s a gem. There is so much to like here. The production and arrangement is layered but there is still a sense of space in between the keys and the rhythm section. It is atmospheric the perfect foil for Matt Berninger’s gripping vocals. This is among the best art-rock we’ve had in some time.


In This Moment – “Oh Lord”

In This Moment has always brought something unique to their brand of hard rock. And it is hard not to listen to this and not be impressed with Maria Brink’s intensity and her knack with a “wait, have I heard this before” chorus. You know the kind. It’s so good and reminiscent of an era that you are sure you’ve heard it because obviously it had existed before now. That might be an exaggeration. But that’s how it comes off here.


Muse – “Dig Down”

Well this is subtle.


Steve Earle & The Dukes – “Lookin’ For A Woman”

When I want to listen to country music, Steve Earle is often one of my first picks. From his near legendary early records (“Guitar Town”) to his return from the hazards of addiction, Earle has continued to create vibrant and topical songs which are timeless.


Royal Blood – “Hook, Line, & Sinker”

It has been great seeing this band, who we first heard about via a self released single, become one of the better known metal bands. And it seems like they just keep turning out catchy and intense songs like this one. Anyone else hear some Them Crooked Vultures here? Again, a compliment.


Algiers – “The Underside Of Power”

I had one of those “what the heck is this” the first time I heard this. It tripped me out. It kept me guessing. It took me all sorts of places and kind of spun me around a little bit. And when it was done, I listened over and over again. They call themselves an experimental band and their sound has been referred to as “dystopian soul.”


Mondo Cozmo – “Automatic”

There is no such thing as a passive Mondo Cozmo fan. It can’t happen. Because Joshua Ostrander has a way of creating a sound that encompasses everything going on at that singular moment. You can’t escape it. It pulls you in. Anyone who has seen Mondo  Cozmo on its recent tour with Bastille experienced this. I’m a sucker for this stuff.


Royal Republic – “Baby”

I feel bad for people who can’t just let everything go and enjoy three minutes and twenty two seconds of fun. With power chords. And roller skates.


THE CLASSIC: Temple Of The Dog – “Say Hello 2 Heaven”

I really wish this wasn’t necessary. But it is.

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